By creating backups, regular checks and updates, we ensure that your website will always run smoothly.

website maintenance
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Content check

Content check

We check the images that they are all displayed correctly, we check the text for grammar mistakes or errors in the titles, we check the products in the ecommerce that have the right characteristics.

Updates & Upgrades

Updates & Upgrades

We keep the WordPress core plugins and theme always updated and in their latest versions, by testing everything before uploading to the live version of the website.

general maintenance


Maintenance is necessary for the proper functioning of the site. We take the appropriate actions and corrections where necessary at regular intervals, to keep your website healthy.

Speed Check

Speed Check

We measure and control the speed of the website to make sure the content continues to load fast enough, making corrections where needed.

Links Check

Links Check

We check all the links on your website with specialized software and where there is a link that does not work properly because it is dead or leads somewhere else, we fix it.

website security


Security and good operation are very important in a website, especially if it is an ecommerce. By creating backups, constantly checking for viruses and checking forms and emails that are working properly, we ensure that your website will always run smoothly.


We regularly create backups of your website, and restore it to a previous working version if necessary.

Virus Check

Because plugins and themes are constantly updating we do regular checks and virus scans to make sure security is always at the highest level.

Forms & Emails Check

We check the contact form and the emails, the login and registration forms, comment section to avoid spam and we check all emails in the ecommerce.


By having a website that is constantly updated in terms of both design and content you can be sure that you stand out from the competition, you keep the website always in high SEO rankings and constantly attract new users and potential customers.

Design Renewal

in order to keep up with the times and the possible changes in the categories, products or services, the website needs a renewal in the design. We check every page of the website and if needs renewal, we make the necessary changes.

Content Renewal

In order to keep the website at high rankings but also to constantly attract new users and potential customers, the website needs content renewal.

Domain renewal & Hosting

The maintenance packages we offer include fast website hosting with SSL certificate and domain name renewal.

website updates
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Alizoti Web Solutions - We take care of you.

Website maintenance is an important and demanding task. This needs to be done on a consistent basis in order to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic, attract new customers and boost SEO rankings.

We take care of you through our packages for all the above tasks. Send us an email by filling out the form and we will send you the prices by email.

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Is website maintenance necessary?


Your website is your digital presence, your business online. If not properly maintained, the website will have many problems such as appearance issues, slow speed, old products, will not offer security if no upgrades are made, SEO ranking will fall if the content is not updated, resulting in all these new customers to look for another website and reduce your revenue.

Can I do the maintenance myself, or do I need a specialist?


Many of the tasks in website maintenance, such as updates and upgrades, content renewal, backups and forms check, you can do yourself, after each website delivery we train you for this. But many may not have the time and that is why we offer our maintenance packages that cover all the work at affordable prices.

How to add new website content, do you come to our place?


You sent us the material you want to add by email and we do the appropriate editing and addition to the website, e.g. if you want a product without a background we remove it or if you want text and features for a product we take care of them, if you have an article to publish we process the material for better SEO and many other tasks that can not be done in your place and we do them on ours.

How often does new content need to be added and updated?


The more a website is updated with new content the better in many ways. It constantly attracts new customers but also old ones after they return to the website to see the new content, you are constantly going up at rankings as Google rewards the rich and new content on a website and thus shows that your business works normally increasing the customer confidence.