Social media are an affordable and effective way to advertise to increase traffic to your website and grow your brand name.

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With many updates in recent years social media has become a great ally of businesses and professionals, constantly offering more useful tools.

By creating professional social media accounts you can increase your sales, increase traffic to your website, and grow your brand name easily and economically.

Social media is not just "posting a photo and waiting for likes" but can become a very powerful tool for all businesses with proper use and management.



We follow a smart strategy, studying your audience, creating posts that "pull" you for something more.

design and publishing

Design & Publishing

We use professional software to create and edit images and stories for an impressive result.

full report

Full Report

Every month we send you a full report in pdf with the posts that were uploaded and the impact they had on your audience.

business instagram


From its release in 2010 until today, Instagram has gained many fans and users. With 500 million active users every day, it is a very important asset in promoting social media for your website.

impressive posts

Impressive Posts

Distinguish yourself from the competition and the usual posts that have only one photo, and increase your followers with the impressive graphic posts that we create and edit in professional software.

modern feed

Modern Feed

When the user clicks on your profile name they see the material you have uploaded. We upload each post in such a way that this material looks modern and aesthetically improved compared to the simple upload of material.

stories cover

Creative Stories

Stories with graphics and animated stories attract the user more than simple ones with just one photo. With the use of specialized software we create impressive stories that will surely make the difference.

Smart Hashtags

Smart Hashtags

The word hashtag comes from the combination of the words hash and tag, ie the symbol # and a tag (word). We use smart and targeted hashtags, which give more promotion to the post.

shop creation

Shop Creation

If you have an ecommerce, we connect the Instagram shop with your website and products. With the Instagram shop we can tag the products in each post, increasing the traffic to your website and creating a separate tab in your profile exclusively for the shop.

paid advertising

Paid Advertising

By using paid advertising we can increase the followers, and increase traffic to your website with impressive posts or stories, with a budget that you determine.

pinterest business


While Pinterest was originally known for finding recipes or home remodeling tips, it has evolved over the years into something like a visual search engine where you can find everything. Properly used, Pinterest is an extremely powerful tool for boosting your website traffic.

cover creation

Cover Creation

Stand out immediately with an impressive cover that directly promotes your products and your brand name.

board covers

Board Covers

We create impressive covers and arrange your boards so that they do not have a random photo, but something that represents the pins.

beautiful pins

Beautiful Pins

With professional software we create pins with graphics that attract the user for something more, which translate into clicks on your website.

business twitter


Twitter is used by a large percentage of businesses and with proper use can become a powerful tool in increasing the recognition of your brand name, sales, but also in increasing traffic to your website.

cover creation

Cover Creation

Creation of an impressive professional cover that represents your company.

smart tweets

Smart Tweets

Tweets or posts on twitter are a little different from other social. We create tweets cleverly, that make users click for something more.

fleet cover


A new addition to Twitter are fleets or Twitter stories. We create beautiful fleets that immediately send the right message.

business facebook


With about 2.4 billion users each month, the most popular of social media is Facebook. The possibilities it offers in its operation as a business page are many and quite powerful.

cover creation

Cover Creation

We create an impressive and professional cover that highlights your company, while presenting an overview of your services.

impressive posts

Impressive Posts

Dynamic post with graphics made in professional software, which definitely attract users increasing the probability of a purchase if it is a product, or increasing the traffic to your website.

fb stories cover

Creative Stories

Creative stories with graphic or animated stories that catch the eye making your page stand out, increasing the chance of someone buying a product or service.



As in Instagram Posts, so in Facebook we use smart and targeted hashtags, which give more promotion to the post.

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on Facebook is highly efficient and cost effective. In a budget that you determine, increase the followers, the traffic to your website and your sales, and monitor through the Facebook Pixel tool the behavior of your audience.

website connection

Connection With Website

We create and connect your Facebook shop and your products if you have an ecommerce, we create the services on the page if you offer services and we connect your website with the professional Facebook page.

pricing team

Alizoti Web Solutions - We care about you.

In recent years, social media has entered our lives for good and every business and professional who has a digital presence must use them. Boost your brand name and increase your sales and revenue by creating professional Social Media accounts.

We take care of you and provide affordable packages for creating and managing your accounts. Send us an email by filling out the form and we will send you the prices by email.

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Why do I need social media management since I can do it myself?


Of course you can do the management yourself, but creating posts and stories with graphics, finding suitable hashtags and infos, the dimensions of the posts for each social, the hours of posting and repercussions and much more that play an important role in efficient promotion, is a time consuming task and requires specialized knowledge that most do not possess.

Do I have to pay every month or when I need the package?


A proper promotion plan also takes some time to deliver and bring the desired results. In our packages we do not have a minimum usage limit for the purchase and you can make the purchase of each package whenever you think you need it e.g. you may only want it for the month of February and after June or another month.

What happens to my posts if I only want the service for a month, will they be lost?


No they will not be lost. The posts we have uploaded during the term of the contract are yours to use again in future posts. We send you every month the material we uploaded by email.

How is the material published, do you come to our place and take photos?


Based on the promotional plan we have designed for you, and depending on the package you have requested we guide you in detail in what material to send us each time. The material is sent to us by email, e.g. 4 photos, 1 video, 4 texts and we do the editing of the material, the optimization of the text and the planning for the publication.