clean website code

In order to achieve better results in the speed of our website, the code must be clearly written and compressed with the appropriate tools. When we create a new website or we have one already, we give more importance...

2 min read

color psychology

It is known that the color of the objects we see, affects our mood in more than one way. Research from time to time has shown that color affects not only our perception...

6 min read

fast website speed

Fast website speed is very important and can have a direct impact on your AdWords campaigns and quality Score. Google's latest research shows that the probability of abandoning a page increases by 32% when the page load time...

3 min read

search optimized

Search engine optimization or "SEO" is the process of optimizing a website to rank it in higher positions when presenting search results through search engines. SEO is a very important and the most difficult piece to implement on a website...

4 min read

responsive web design

Responsive web design took its name from the word "Respond" and means that a website adapts dynamically and directly to every dimension and screen orientation. This is very important as in recent years...

3 min read