By the words SEO we mean the optimization of websites for search engines in order to rank higher, when presenting search results through search engines.

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How SEO was created

It is believed that SEO was born in 1991. That year the first website was uploaded and soon several other websites would fill the internet. So there was a need for structure and accessibility and for this reason the first search engines in the world were created with the best known being Excite, AltaVista and Yahoo.

The beginning was difficult for SEO as the rules were easy and relaxed. Website designers used practices such as filling content with keywords over and over again, as there were no criteria then and many links, mostly spam, to rank higher in search engines. was created in 1997 and in the early 2000's would take over the internet with innovative SEO settings and criteria.

Google saw an opportunity to do something that other search engines couldn't. They started building algorithms that would reward quality and related content to get users to find what they really wanted.

Since then, many changes have been made to these algorithms and SEO is constantly evolving and changing, making web designers constantly read and use the best strategies and criterias.

SEO Categories

SEO is divided into on-page SEO, ie the optimization work done within the website such as content, structure, titles and more, off-page SEO which is the work outside the page such as obtaining backlinks that lead to the website, posts on social media and others.

The technical SEO belongs partly to on-page SEO but is also a separate category as it has a lot of work to do.

On Page SEO


Titles & metas

Proper Headings

Internal Links

Image Optimization

& more.

Off Page SEO

External Links

Local SEO

Content Marketing

Social Media

Articles & podcasts

& more.

Technical SEO

Page Speed



Proper url

Structured Data

& more.

Search engines

T he easiest way to find a website is through search engines (eg Google, Bing), using specific words or keywords.

These can be the name of a company (eg Apple), the category of services (eg site creation), a specific product, etc. At the top of the results you will find that the most relevant websites appear in this keyword or keyword phrase.

Search engine results are displayed in pages (per 10 results) and most users usually read the results from the first 3-4 pages by selecting the website located on these pages.

Thus, the website presented in the first results has more visitors than the other presented in the following positions.

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