We often hear the word responsive design. But what is responsive design and how can we see if the website is made with it?

responsive design
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What do we mean when we say responsive design?

Responsive design means that a web page adapts dynamically and directly to any screen dimension and orientation.

This is very important as in recent years with the evolution of technology and the development of smartphones, tablets and other portable computing devices, more and more people are using smaller screens to display web pages.

We want users to be able to have the same experience when using a different device and to be able to see our website at any time, whether they are out for work or fun, or at home in front of a laptop or desktop computer.

Responsive design offers users a better experience as the website visitor does not have to constantly zoom in to read the content, it is offered a more enjoyable, stylish and fast environment to explore.


Basic Tool

Responsive web design has become a key tool for those with a digital presence and has become even more important as the number of users browsing the internet via smartphones or tablets now accounts for more than half of all internet traffic.

Therefore, Google announced that from March 2021, the ranking criteria will change and will now be based on whether the website is made with a responsive design. If your website is not built with responsive design then you will see a significant reduction in Google search engine rankings.

A website without a responsive design also has a direct impact on you and not just the ranking. When a user visits your website from a mobile device, they will not stay long if it's not easy for them to navigate and most users will leave and look elsewhere for what they want, losing you potential customers.

While it is made with a responsive design, the chances of browsing all the services or products and buying something are much higher and this means more users and revenue for you.

Check your website

You can test your website and see how it appears in different screen sizes by entering the url in the following pages and you can immediately see the result on a wide range of devices.

But apart from the online tests, you should also do a "live" test of the website, ie on a real device to make sure that the result is correct and the buttons are pressed properly, the effects appear as you wanted, the scroll is good and many more that you can only see on a real device and not on online tests.

Check if the website is made with a responsive design and is user friendly on the following pages: