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Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive web design?

Responsive web design took its name from the word "Respond" and means that a website adapts dynamically and directly to every dimension and screen orientation

This is very important as in recent years with the development of technology and the development of smartphones, tablets and other mobile computing devices, more people use smaller screens to display websites.

We want users to have the same experience when using a different device and to be able to see our website at any time, whether they are out for work or fun or are at home in front of the laptop or the desktop computer.

Responsive design offers users better experience as website visitor do not need to constantly zoom in to read content, he is offered a more enjoyable, elegant and fast environment to explore.

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A Basic Tool

Web design for all devices has become a basic tool for those who have a digital presence and has become even more important as the number of users browsing the internet through smartphones or tablets, now represent more than half of the total online traffic.

Google announced Mobilegeddon in 2015, and started to boost the ratings of sites that are mobile friendly if the search was made from a mobile device.

Responsive website is easily updated because, unlike a web page for computers and an application or another version of a mobile web page, responsive design makes it easier for the administrator to update content in main version only and not in both versions. As a result, this saves him from a lot of time and expenses.

More Revenue

When a user visits the website from a mobile device, he won't stay for long if the design is not responsive and not easy to navigate. While if the website is responsive, the chances of going around all services or products are much higher.

A responsive web design will improve your audience's navigation experience, and this will involve more users and revenue for you.

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Responsive Website Check

We can test our website online to see how it appears on different screen sizes. Enter the url of your website and see the result directly in a wide range of devices. In addition to online testing, we will have to test our website live, in a real device to make sure the result is what we want.

Check whether our website is made with a responsive design and is user friendly on the following pages: