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Search Engine Optimization

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization or "SEO" is the process of optimizing a website to rank it in higher positions when presenting search results through search engines.

SEO is a very important and the most difficult piece to implement on a website and is divided into on-site SEO and off site SEO.

By On Site SEO or On Page SEO we mean optimization procedures in the structure, content and technical features of a website to be user-friendly and search engine friendly.

Off Site SEO or Off Page SEO refers to the actions of building backlinks to a website to rank it in higher positions in organic (physical-non-promotional) search engine results.

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Search Engines

The easiest way to find a website is through search engines (e.g., Google, Bing), using specific words or key phrases.

These may be the name of a company (e.g., Apple), the service category (e.g. website creation), a particular product, etc. At the top of the results you will find that the most relevant web pages appear in that keyword or key phrase.

Search engine results appear on pages (per 10 results) and most users usually read the results from 3-4 pages by selecting the website on these pages.

Thus, the website presented in the first results has more visitors than the other presented in the next pages.

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Page Optimization

One of the most important elements that should be included in the website to help make it better ranked in search engines is the relevance between the title, description, keywords and content of each page.

The main role plays the title of each page. It should include as many of the keywords as possible, but the title should be less than 60 characters long.

The ideal choice for the page title should be somewhat like this:

Main keyword - secondary keyword | Our brand name

Using keywords is vital to highlight a website by search engines. A key factor is also to include keywords as often as possible in the body of the main text of the page, but taking care of excessive use, as search engines may consider it "spam".

Images also play an important role to help us in higher ranking. Search engines can display them in the “images” when we search for a website name or product name, or anything else relative to our image name and through them users can find our website.

Testing Our Website

We can see scores and tips for better search engine optimization of our website, on the following websites:

But these give us only a little taste and it is best to consult a SEO specialist or a dedicated web developer, as optimization of web pages is a very important part and can improve our visitors and our revenue but may not we have the results we want, unless there has been a responsible and serious job in this area.

For a good optimized website for search engines, the speed also plays an important role. The faster the website load speed, the more chances we have for higher page ranking.

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