Why we need fast website speed?

Fast website browsing speed is very important and can have a direct impact on your AdWords campaigns and quality Score.

Google's latest research shows that the probability of abandoning a page increases by 32% when the page load time varies from 1 to 3 seconds.

The drop-off rate rises to 90% when the loading time is 5 seconds, and if the page loads take 10 seconds, the drop-out rate is increased to 123%.

Users definitely want a website with fast navigation and if they find that yours is too slow, they will go to another website.

That way, the risk of losing potential customers revenue is increased dramatically.

alizoti fast example

Effect on the user

How many times have you been getting into a website and waiting too much for the page to fully load? You have certainly thought that your internet speed is bad and you just wait for the page to load.

Your internet speed is not the problem, but the design of the website and the code of the page has not been built to the standards for fast navigation.

You're wondering that it's no problem to wait for a page a few seconds until it's fully loaded. But what happens if there are many pages and you need to constantly navigate to new ones? Will you continue to wait?

Test the website speed

Google uses a measurement called the Page Speed Score. It has a scale between 0-100 units. The better the load time on a website, the higher the score it receives. Google considers that a site is performing fast if it has a score of 90/100 and above.

We can test the website speed from the following pages.

If we want more detailed control, we can see the following pages:

What can we do

O ne of the most important parts on a website are the images. We definitely want them to be as beautiful and as good as possible.

But, we can't use large images because we will have a significant reduction in the speed of our navigation, so we must compress them before uploading them to our website.

To compress our images we can use the following websites:

But images are not the only part that affects the speed on the website. There are also other factors like plugins we will use, clean website code, fonts control and many more that if we do not have the knowledge, it is good to trust a specialized web developer.